Welcome to Our Wonderful World Of Bread ! 

                                        Our Breads are Cultured !



Welcome to Our Wonderful World Of Bread !

Due to the increasing demand for FRESH, REAL, WHOLESOME Breads,  FoRDABELLi  BAKERi concieved and born in 2003, producing Breads the Good Old Way - using the basics ie. Stoneground flours, salt, yeast (“wild” or commercial) and water. To the delight of our appreciative bread consumers, we were able to produce an appealing range of wonderful, healthy, tasty and aromatic Breads.

FoRDABELLi  BAKERi still continues to produce all our speciality breads from "scratch" using traditional (local, European and American) fermentation and baking methods which enhance the bread's aroma, its taste and texture, its digestibility and its shelf life. These fermentation processes are healthier and also reduce (if not eliminate) the quantity of commercial yeast required.

FoRDABELLi  BAKERi is able to satisfy the demand for a wide selection of healthy breads, freshly baked on our premises, either in our Wood-Fired oven ( THE DRAGON's BELLi ) or Rack Oven (Old Faithful), using techniques to produce the breads as naturally as possible. Our standard Speciality Breads include: 100% Natural Sourdough (“the Best outside Paris”), San Francisco Sourdough, Ciabatta and Panini, Baguettes, Fresh Rosemary Bread, Olive Breads, 100% Rye (and various blends), Farm Loaf / Plaasbrood and Wholewheat. We will also bake on occasion amongst others, Raisin Breads & Rolls, Sweet Potato Breads, Peasant / Country Loaves, Anadama, Soetsuurdeegbrood, Seed Loaves

All our Sourdough breads are 
100% sourdough and not chemically manufactured.

FYI - Sourdough is a symbiotic relationship between “wild yeast” and friendly bacteria and is used in place of commercial yeasts. We have 3 individual “wild yeast” or sourdough cultures, The first of our sourdough cultures was initiated in 2003 and is wheat based (Mutha). The second culture is rye flour based (Raai) and is used exclusively for our well known 100% Rye Bread – initiated in 2005 and a San Francisco starter culture (SanFran) was imported in Oct 2011. These sourdough cultures are perpetuated by supplementing them with the addition of water and flour after we prepare each batch of bread. This is one of the same methods used in the original bread-making processes, long before commercial baker's yeast was readily available.

All our breads are passionately produced by us ! We take great pride in producing the quality and variety of our breads - and even greater pride in the enjoyment it brings to you, our customers - we trust you enjoy it as much as we enjoy making it !

As our products are produced with your health and nutrition in mind, they will no doubt end up in your belly - hence our name - "For - Da - Belli". The following jingle, from m
y niece, at the age of 6, after her first visit to our pilot bakery, basically says it all                   

Fordabelli, Fordabelli,
For da tum, tum, tum
Fordabelli, Fordabelli,
'cos it's yum, yum, yum

Our Stone Ground Flours are produced by an independent  miller using local grains (certified GMO free) and supply a superior quality flour. They ensure that you get pure flour in your bread - free of flour-extenders /conditioners / bleaches / improvers / additives / preservatives / supplements (and who knows what else !).

We do not claim to be organic and no longer plan to be – at this stage, the costs of sourcing and using Organic ingredients unfortunately would make the prices of our Breads prohibitively expensive, which would put the wonderful experience of eating our Bread out of the reach of a large segment of our existing appreciative customers. We do however remain committed to use ingredients that are fresh, local, are produced as naturally as possible, are sustainable and are ethically produced

FoRDABELLi  BAKERi runs various Bread Baking Workshops, using either our Wood-Fired oven ( THE DRAGON's BELLi ) or Rack Oven (Old Faithful)


To produce baked products as naturally as possible using the best available ingredients.

To educate, advise, supply and share all the health benefits of our products to all our customers, to whom we are dedicated to building a long-term relationship with. 

We are committed, and will continue to strive, to remain recognised as a producer and supplier of superior handcrafted speciality breads and associated products.



Bread used to be called “The Staff of Life” – Commercial greed/demand/need to satisfy a larger base of clientele has unfortunately led to this no longer being the case. The need for “Quicker, Fresher Breads” has led to the use of some major unpronounceable cocktails of chemicals, enzymes, hydrogenated fats/oils, flour improvers, conditioners, preservatives, additives and supplements. Some of these adulterations, maybe unknowingly, have been to the health detriment of those very people they wished to serve.